Welcome to Mid-World.

Our Fancy Mice are more than just our animals, they’re a part of our family.

Everything we do is for the love of our pets and the desire to share that with others. Whether that is through enrichment, enclosures, or education.

Our toys and food use natural safe ingredients, designed for their natural behaviors And our mice are never mass bred. We plan and choose litters only when we believe we can house and home every single one of the babies. All are socialized daily and live in large enclosures with plenty of enrichment, fresh food, water, and treats.

We want to share with you our passion for these beautiful, curious, and kind creatures.

Our Adults

Aren’t they cute? All our mice are our personal pets and are socialized daily. We keep them in well cleaned enclosures with plenty of enrichment, fresh food, and water.

Available Mice

Interested in one of our well socialized mice? Follow or contact us for available or future mice.

Buy from Us

Enjoy our creations? Swing by our Etsy shop for an ever growing selection of toys, treats, and tools to help you give your little pets their best life.

One taste of the old time sets all to rights.

Robert Browning

Did you know pet mice have a long and distinguished history?

In Victorian England, “fancy” mice were prized and traded, and a National Mouse Club was founded in 1895.

About Us

We are fancy mice owners who create, curate, and breed our pets for hobby and behavior for others who wish to enjoy these beautiful curious creatures.

More About Us

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  • midworld.mice@gmail.com


Montgomery, NJ

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